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Camirah Inks is principally a firm of RAPPORTEURS. Rapporteurs take minute by minute reports at conferences, seminars, meetings, roundtable events and other such formal gatherings. Since registration as a limited liability company in Nigeria, Camirah Inks Ltd (formerly named Escritoire Writers Limited) is proud to serve the global community as a firm of seasoned rapporteurs specializing in rapporteuring at seminars, conferences, meetings, briefings, etcetera. Our rapporteurs are flexible to travel anywhere within Nigeria, Africa, or around the world. We provide services ranging from bi-lingual rapporteuring to virtual rapporteuring to physical rapporteuring. We’re committed to not only providing quality rapporteuring, writing, and editing services, but also to going above and beyond customers' expectations. We welcome you to look through our site to see all we have to offer. Our select clientele have included ECOWAS (in collaboration with CTA,) Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG), Nigerian Content Development Management Board (NCDMB), Jake Riley Ltd, National Assembly Business Environment Roundtable (NASSBER), YIAGA Africa (in collaboration with UKAid), Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in collaboration with UNICEF), etcetera. We have also catered to individual creatives, such as writers/authors by providing freelance writing, proof-reading and editing services.